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Connect: Beyond Technology

What ‘Next’ Looks Like

The world’s leading technology and electronics brands make up 50% of the top ten Best Global Brands in 2019; their impact upon customers, business and wider society has been profound.

Uber’s immediacy, Amazon’s abundance and Netflix’s intimacy ripple across every aspect of life and line of business, raising the threshold of what makes a good experience for businesses that play in and out of this arena. They have redefined loyalty and enabled the mass and rapid adoption of new technologies such as IoT, Voice and AI.

Yet despite what currently looks like almost limitless opportunities and total brand domination, sustainable growth for the tech giants is not without its challenges. As they grow larger and ever more powerful, their latent promise becomes clouded by regulatory concerns. As they set their sights on connecting ever more intimate aspects of our lives, customers must also wrestle with the degree to which they prize utility over privacy.

This is a fascinating period of disruption and change, with implications both inside the category and far beyond. Inside this report, you’ll find our overview of the sector, some inside information on how some of the biggest players see their strategy evolving, and our expert recommendations for how brands can learn to cope with the turbulence.

Some of it’s not a comfortable read, but it’s vital to know what’s coming down the road towards you. The information in this report will, we believe, form part of that crucial navigation guide to the technology future.


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