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Explore: Beyond Travel

Influences from the wider world

Travel is a physical business – it specializes in moving people from one place to another, finding them somewhere to sleep and providing them with food, drink and experiences. But almost every aspect of that seemingly simple model is ripe for re-invention. And it is consumers who are driving much of the change.

Today’s consumers are more informed, more connected and more demanding than ever. As a consequence, we find ourselves in an entirely new business environment – one in which your customers’ experiences are cast and recast by businesses beyond your category. Their familiarity with other industries’ tech-driven advances in customization and user-friendliness are making a huge impact in the travel sector, as in many others.

So in this report, part of our Best Global Brands 2019 series, we’ll be taking a particularly hard look at how the ease, convenience, personalization and self-empowerment of major brands from all over the business landscape have transformed customers’ expectations of how they travel and where they stay.

We’ll be looking at the cruise industry, perhaps the most challenging category of travel and tourism, in which every aspect of hospitality is being put to the test. We also look at emerging subscription models across the travel sector to understand how new business models are driving change, and we take a look at the human truths driving innovation in the category and beyond. It’s an interesting sector, and one with a real revolution on the way.


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