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Move: Beyond Automotive

Fast Moving Challenges

Today’s consumers are more informed, more connected and more demanding than ever. As a consequence, we find ourselves in an entirely new business environment – one in which your customers’ experiences are cast and recast by businesses beyond your category.

Their familiarity with other industries’ tech-driven advances in customization and user-friendliness are making a huge impact in the automotive sector, as in many others.

This report, part of our Best Global Brands 2019 series, features a large number of automotive brands, many of them well-known, globally-respected and long-established. However, this is one of the sectors with the biggest, scariest challenges looming in the near future. Its overall growth rate is nowhere near that of the booming technology sector, which is in many ways a potential rival, and there’s a perfect storm of technological, geopolitical, regulatory and societal factors combining to make their business landscape look more like a minefield.

But the smarter automotive brands are already readying their strategy to deal with the fast-changing demands of their customers and the threats posed by shifts in consumption and purchasing patterns. The category is ripe for an iconic move by one or more of the major brands, whether automotive or technology, which will define how their future pans out.

This is going to be a fascinating period of disruption and change, and inside you’ll find our overview of the sector, some very interesting inside information on how some of the biggest players see their strategy evolving, and our expert recommendations for how brands can learn to cope with the turbulence.

Some of it’s not a comfortable read, but it’s vital to know what’s coming down the road towards you. The information in this report will, we believe, form part of that crucial navigation guide to the automotive future.


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