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Why Breakthrough Brands?

Paola Norambuena
When we started on the journey of Interbrand Breakthrough Brands, our objective was very simple: to create a stage for emerging brands—especially the ones that are really effecting change and embodying growth.

We realize that standouts come in all shapes, sizes, and stages of growth. After 16 years of publishing Best Global Brands, we knew it was time to create a platform for these new notables, given that we’ve always been invested in celebrating the best brands and businesses around the globe—whether they’re a Best Global Brand or a Breakthrough Brand.

So we set out to discover and celebrate the next generation of brands—the startups, upstarts, challengers, problem-solvers, innovators, and category creators. The brands that are the evidence of how our cultures, behaviors, and planet evolve. The ones that will impact generations and define progress. The ones that are making it happen.

Along the way, we were thrilled to find some amazing and creative partners with the same passion, dedication, and interest in building a platform to spotlight Breakthroughs. Together with Facebook, NYSE, and Ready Set Rocket, we set out to uncover these brands by activating our joint network of influencers—those with an inherent ability to spot brilliant ideas in every region of the world. And so, Interbrand Breakthrough Brands was born.

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Breakthrough Brands fuel business growth
Being considered a Breakthrough Brand takes more than a unique idea and business model, and goes far beyond injections of funding. We’re looking for growing businesses that are also great brands—because we know it’s the combination of the two that helps a company achieve standout growth. It’s the key differentiator that puts them ahead in pace, awareness, and adoption. A brand can help make a business idea real, because a strong brand translates the company’s purpose and model into experiences that capture the attention and devotion of its most important audiences. That’s how Breakthroughs become a benchmark for the category they’re creating, or challenging.

And, of course, everything comes back to growth. It’s the hallmark of Breakthrough Brands—and should be the hallmark of any successful brand and business. It’s not just about business or bottom-line growth, it’s about everything they help flourish and accelerate: development, technology, connections, communities, business, people, and problem solving. That’s why this inaugural report is about, and titled, Future Growth.

Eschewing traditional rankings and lists, this report instead highlights emerging or evolving insights—each illustrated by a set of varying brands from different regions, tackling different challenges with different offerings for different audiences. They are the indicators of where we, together, are heading. Because growth for Breakthrough Brands is not just about getting ahead of the curve, but breaking the line clean through.

With so much innovation and exploration happening in the world today, we certainly know that it’s impossible for this list to be exhaustive. We know that there are many other Breakthrough—or on the verge of Breakthrough—brands out there that have not made this particular list. Those are exactly the brands that we hope to continue to uncover and spotlight, as they—together with the brands featured in this inaugural report—continue to grow, develop, and change our world.

Chief Strategy Officer, Interbrand Austraila
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