In the on demand economy, Breakthroughs facilitate choice

Jorge Narváez-Arango

In a world oversaturated by choice, efficiency and time are a commodity. Breakthrough Brands are partners in your life and cater to your lifestyle. They are aligned with your vision of what you believe your life should be, create interconnected channels to meet your needs wherever, and bridge both the physical and the digital. The next generation of experience brands are not just ways to buy, they are facilitators of choice.

Digital to physical to digital

Breakthrough retail fosters ecosystems. They have an element of the physical that moves in lockstep with the digital, bringing experience online into the world and vice-versa. Brands like Farfetch and Clique Media Group don’t just deliver, they translate an online shopping experience into something you can feel—whether it’s buying designer shoes or light bulbs.

Farfetch is opening a revolutionary “Store of the Future” in London. The location boasts connected clothing racks, touch-screen-enhanced mirrors, and sign-in stations to put customer data to good use. The smart rack tracks your items and records them in an app, while the smart mirror allows shoppers to request, browse, and pay for items from the dressing room itself.

Clique Media Group has also brought their online items into the world, their Who What Wear collection for Target is high-fashion inspired and wallet-friendly. Using social and online behavioral data, the line is updated twelve times a year and perfected with crowdsourced input.

Customer-led and personal

In the Age of You, you are unique and in control. Breakthrough retailers help you navigate choices while allowing you to remain in control of your experiences. Brands like PS Dept use retail ecosystems to deliver a tailored experience of well-informed possibilities, combining AI-driven insight, chatbots, and actual human stylists to deliver on-demand gratification.

Designed to be delightful

Less is still more. We no longer have time to peruse through all the information out there. Therefore, new experiences need to be designed to deliver micro-moments of delight. MikMak creates embedded social ads designed to gain your attention and entertain foremost. It’s a curated interaction designed to save time while being memorable. Speed and ease continue to edge out value as a deciding factor for purchases.

Are seamlessly connected and always relevant

“If you like this, you will like that.” As the curators of choice and lifestyle, new retailers will not just offer you products, but suggest relevant recommendations that fit your needs, given all possible options available to you. This is only possible by efficiently storing and analyzing a huge amount of data. Glovo, Flipkart, and Rappi are leading the way by connecting the dots between numerous customers to know more about their desires than they do. This allows them to anticipate your needs and deliver what you need faster than ever.

The perfect retail ecosystem does not exist—yet. Each brand focuses on different elements, but those doing it best are following these principles. In person, online, and interconnected, Breakthrough experiences are always on demand.

Executive Creative Director, Consumer & Retail Brand Experience
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