Designing Breakthrough


Interbrand Breakthrough Brands provide a new perspective on growth. They define what the future of brand and business success will look like, and each tells a story. To bring these stories to life, we’ve created unique three-dimensional models that explain their trajectory.

Vibrant colors represent the energy and creativity at the heart of every Breakthrough, and are linked to the insight that each brand falls under. The models themselves are fresh way to look at growth, telling how much attention and engagement each brand has received in the market. The design reflects how each brand has been trending up to today, on their own terms. The peaks represent the point when each individual brand received the greatest amount of buzz, and the valleys represent when things have been their most quiet. The time frame differs for each, depending how long they’ve been in business.

Some brands have several peaks, representing product launches and news stories. Others shoot up and then plateau once they enter a new phase of growth. And a consistent trajectory means they’re well established, but could reach new heights. As soon as you look at each, you understand their story.

These models are the foundation for the design of Interbrand Breakthrough Brands 2017, and appear both up-close and at a distance. That’s because growth isn’t one dimensional—it’s unique to every brand, and can be understood from every angle.

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