About Interbrand Breakthrough Brands 2017

Paola Norambuena

Why Interbrand Breakthrough Brands? The objective is simple: it’s discovering and celebrating the next generation of brands—the startups, upstarts, challengers, problem solvers, innovators, and category creators that are embodying growth.

Being considered a Breakthrough Brand takes more than a unique idea and business model, and goes far beyond injections of funding. It’s about growing businesses that are also great brands—because we know it’s the combination of the two that helps a company achieve standout growth. It’s the key differentiator that puts them ahead in pace, awareness, and adoption. A brand can help make a business idea real, because it translates the company’s purpose into experiences that capture attention and devotion. That’s how Breakthroughs become a benchmark for the category they’re creating, or challenging.

Growth is the hallmark of Breakthrough Brands, but it’s not just about business or bottom-line growth, it’s about everything they help flourish and accelerate.

Because growth for Breakthrough Brands is not just about getting ahead of the curve, but breaking the line clean through.

Chief Strategy Officer, Interbrand Austraila