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The working future

Breakthrough Brands are changing the way we think about work, inside and outside the office. Linear modes are out: instead of moving from education to a job, then retirement (the “3 Boxes of Life”), we now expect to be learning, growing, and meaningfully engaged throughout our lives. Breakthroughs Brands are empowering individuals to live, learn, and work when and how they want. They’re also leveraging technology to drive workplace innovation—increasing efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement (the key to retention for today’s employers). And while technology outmodes some jobs of the past, it’s also creating new jobs for the future. Breakthrough Brands have parlayed new digital skills into rewarding work for the overlooked and underemployed. The growing focus is on individuals’ talents, and what they need to be fulfilled within their careers and their lives—especially as these become increasingly intertwined. Corporate structures of the future may look much different as work continues to move outside of the box.


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