Hatch is engineering a better future

"We must change to better assist our clients and the communities in which we serve. We embrace the idea of change wholeheartedly and passionately," said Hatch CEO, John Bianchini.

To adapt to an evolving economy and world, Hatch saw an opportunity to overhaul their visual identity and claim a new position in the marketplace.

Carolyn Ray, Interbrand Canada’s managing director, sat with John Bianchini to discuss Hatch’s new direction and how such a large organization — with a presence in over 150 countries — can implement this change.

Read their interview here.

Carolyn Ray is fascinated with authenticity, trust and leadership. With a blend of experience in communications, marketing and branding, she established Interbrand’s global Brand Engagement practice and leads Interbrand Canada.



Managing Director, Interbrand Canada
CEO, Hatch