An innovative twist on the traditional museum

Myseum of Toronto
In 2014, a passionate group of Canadians, including former mayor David Crombie, brought a long-awaited Toronto museum concept to life. They created Myseum of Toronto — a museum dedicated to showcasing diverse perspectives of Toronto’s past, present, and future.

The challenge of their mission was to create a unique experience that works in concert with all of Toronto’s existing cultural institutions.

The name Myseum is a call-to-action for people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to contribute their own personal stories to the experience. They are the “My” in Myseum.

Myseum connects Toronto’s past, present and future in digital and physical spaces, using the GTA itself to engage people through pop-up events and public programs, as well as online offerings. The visual identity is comprised of simple, white text layered on top of vibrant imagery from the GTA, keeping the focus on the stories, artefacts and places that make the area what it is. Instead of replacing established institutions, Myseum plays a role in uniting them through the common purpose of celebrating the GTHA’s communities, cultures and spaces.

Through a range of unique digital and physical experiences, Myseum of Toronto enables all citizens of the GTA to be proud of the past, energized for the present and hopeful for the future.

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