Embracing a more flexible and adaptive membership experience to bolster growth

Toronto Region Board of Trade
On a quest to make Toronto one of the most competitive business regions in the world, the Toronto Region Board embraces a more flexible membership experience.

The Toronto Region Board of Trade supports more than 12,000 businesses and reaches hundreds of thousands of businesses leaders across the region, with the goal of enhancing the region’s economic prosperity, global competitiveness and quality of life. The Board is recognized for its work in policy and advocacy, and also acts as a catalyst to facilitate connections among businesses of all sizes.

The Board wanted to ensure that all of its services and offerings were aligned with its members’ needs. As a 170-year old organization, however, it realized that it needed to embrace a newer, more diverse set of members — including emerging businesses and scale-ups — and improve the membership experience with current members by better aligning its programs, products and services for the future.

Using an insights-based approach, Interbrand developed a market segmentation plan that responds to the needs of the Board’s diverse member audiences, and identified the best opportunities to help members grow their business. We focused on three key needs The Board could support: providing resources, building profile, and enabling influence. Prioritizing these needs, we designed more flexible membership tiers and experiences that will add value to members at each stage of their business’ development.

The Board can now more effectively support the business growth of its members at all stages of their development and make the Toronto region the most competitive and sought after region in the world.

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