Defining hallmark experiences to support growth

CSI (Centre for Social Innovation)
Toronto’s Center for Social Innovation (CSI) provides a much-needed bridge between the traditional model of charitable organizations and disruptive social innovators. As the business expanded across North America, CEO Tonya Surman wanted to protect the equity in the CSI brand, and develop a consistent experience across the region to ensure a scalable and measurable customer experience.

With the goal of working together to create a better world, CSI needed to determine how to expand operations through an affiliate model in a way that would create consistency in how the CSI brand is experienced by community members and employees. Entailed in this was the need to protect the brand by developing metrics to put in licensing agreements to ensure the brand is experienced cohesively across touchpoints regardless of geography or ownership.

Through the development of experience principles, CSI could ensure consistency across all key touchpoints, while measuring how effectively people are recreating the CSI experience across locations. In a collaborative working session, CSI employees were challenged to think holistically about member needs and expectations and how these could help build consistent and branded hallmark experiences. Tapping into CSI’s current brand positioning and values, the team built action-oriented principles to guide the experience, such as “puts me in the trenches” and “inspires me with possibility.”

CSI has been able to inform the development of new CSI partnership and affiliate models to ensure a consistent experience across all channels and measure how effectively people are recreating the CSI experience. The CSI Brand Toolkit now includes practical guidance on how to develop licensing agreements and partner evaluations, ensuring consistency across CSI’s expansion.

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