Airlines that have a differentiated brand experience are the ones winning

March 1, 2017


Interbrand’s Vicky Leavitt, CEO, Consumer & Retail Brand Experience, talked with Adam Gavine of  Aircraft Interiors Magazine about airline brands’ ability to become stronger by focuses on the brand experience for passengers to build loyalty. 


From article (March 1, 2017) — Today’s flyers have a wide choice of great airline experiences to choose from, but when most airlines have great product, they need an edge, something to make people desire their brand. If you strip away logos and brand elements, is the experience still unique and ownable? Airlines need to look at the total passenger journey—the highlights and the low points- and think about how they can really create an iconic experience.

Key Highlights

  • Many airlines focus on non-differentiating products versus creating a unique and ownable experience through the use of sensory elements.
  • While brand logo and colors are distinctive assets, the strategic application of these equities is important to having an impact and creating an iconic expression of the brand.
  • Airlines need to focus on both the low points and high points of the customer journey to challenge the status quo in order to create iconic experiences for its passengers that utilize every touchpoint.

Read more about how all airline brands can become stronger if they strive to own every sensory element of their passenger experience in the full article.

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