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Beyond the generalizations: marketing to the millennial market

Of the population in the US today, 25% fall under the label of “Milliennial.” That equates to 83 million individuals.

This group has been credited for challenging the ways businesses have traditionally interacted with their consumers, which has caused an interest—that many times borders on to obsessions—in figuring out how to market towards this audience, and to identify what makes them tick as consumers.

However, consumer behavior is much too nuanced to consider such a broad group as a single segment. There are various demographics, attitudes, and behaviors that create sub-sections within any group. An understanding of these aspects of an individual is fundamental to establishing value and building engagement with a target consumer.

Patrick Lopez, Senior Principal, Analytics shares why obtaining an understanding of the millennial market, and not just making assumptions based Millennial label, is key to developing brand experiences that resonate with the segment in Breaking down the millennial monolith.