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Bravery: brave brands shape the future

Bravery is the courage to create disruption. One with meaning that commands attention. It’s taking a stand to say what’s now, is no longer enough. Admitting that today, more than ever, it’s a struggle to grow.

Bravery is looking change in the eye and meeting challenges head-on. Going boldly, not blindly. It’s shaking up the status quo. Accelerating ideas, improvising when necessary, and relentlessly creating with conviction…those are the hallmarks of bravery.

At Interbrand, we care about creating and nurturing brands that truly matter. And we’re able to focus on this through our obsession with human behavior. By anticipating desires, brands are able to bravely disrupt their competition, their category, and even their industry as a whole – and this bravery enables them to create for the future.

Are you ready to be Brave?


Chandon Summer Interbrand Bravery

Create with conviction

Imagine what can be, believe in it with all your soul, and make it so.

Chandon uses their Limited-Edition designs to reimagine the category and appeal to new consumers in a fresh and compelling way.

Sparkling wine is a category full of conventional cues and consumption occasions. LVMH sought to challenge these conventions and expand beyond the traditional celebratory moments to capture new consumers and increase relevance for the brand. By utilizing Limited Edition releases, Chandon leverages designs that push away from the expected cues to celebrate an entire season instead. Through the fusion of an American Summer theme and the brand’s “Born French, Raised California” story, this limited-edition release gives the brand’s #ChandonSquad target consumer of new Millennial females even more reason to pop a cork during the summer months, no matter the occasion.


Kroger Private Brand Interbrand Bravery

Lead with Intention

Harness the power of thoughtful strategy

The evolution of Private Brands from the “knock-off” value offering to the category leaders has greatly redefined the FMCG industry. Retailers are taking more control in terms of their brand experience and challenging the role that private brands can play. They are no longer taking a back seat to their national brand counterparts. Additionally, Consumers are in more control than ever before as they interact with brands anytime and anywhere, and with more options to consider.

Leveraging the opportunity allotted by this growth of private brands, Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in the US, examines each category to create a flexible and inspiring packaging architecture that attracts and persuades. To increase shoppability and impact on shelf, they infuse personality and category-specific cues to compete­ – and win – on shelf against national brands.


P&G Professional eCommerce Interbrand

Embrace disruption

Push the envelope and make some waves.

As the digital expression of a brand continues to grow in importance for consumers, P&G Professional saw an opportunity to optimize how people shopped their products, both in-store and online. The brand’s previous digital retail experience was inconsistent and not mobile friendly. It lacked a cohesive and consistent look, which prevented P&G Professional from leveraging their equities and streamlining their communications with a focus on a singular message that provided relevant content for key decision makers.

In response to the shift towards digital, P&G Professional had great opportunity in refocusing the brand in an optimized way that clearly brings the brand to the forefront at every touchpoint. eContent for over 25 different products, including signature brands such as Dawn Professional, Tide Professional, and Mr. Clean Professional, were redesigned. The new direction for eContent capitalizes on industry changes and shifting consumer expectations by simplifying the visuals and streamlining content, creating quick and easy-to-digest communications that are on-brand and optimized for today’s ever-expanding mobile shopping experience.


Woosh Beauty Interbrand Bravery

Think like a start-up

Find your passion. Do your thing. And remain open to risk.

Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor from the Today Show, brought her passion to life through Woosh Beauty, a start-up beauty brand she launched on the Home Shopping Network. The brand bravely carved their own niche in the crowded beauty industry with innovative products that streamline one’s beauty routine, removing pain points where consumers may not have even realized they existed. The products were met with great success on HSN, and Woosh was ready to take the next step and and reach more people with a better way to tackle some of the biggest beauty routine woes. However, first they needed to optimize their branding to ensure success on shelf next to the established industry leaders.

New packaging and merchandising solutions were created to educate consumers and advance the brand to the next level. Leveraging their core equities that the young brand was built on, a clean and premium aesthetic was created that conveys approachability and highlights the benefits of each product, both on-pack and through the customized end-cap that was specially designed for their launch in Ulta stores.  This new packaging and in-store end-cap enabled Woosh Beauty’s successful rollout to all Ulta locations nationwide.


Corona Extra Interbrand

Take control

Seize the opportunity. Assess go-to-market strategies to uncover new avenues for growth.

Although Constellation Brands Corona Extra enjoys success as the number one import beer in the US, the brand felt they had reached a plateau. To unlock additional potential, they saw opportunity with on-premise consumption through the launch of a draft beer experience.

Because the brand evokes an emotive “find your beach” experience with every bottle, Corona needed to extend that feeling even beyond the bottle. Leveraging the idea of “a beach in every pour,” a new visceral and engaging draft experience launched throughout the country. This launch resulted an increase in the brand’s depletion rates by 110%, resulting in previously untapped growth for the Corona brand.


Are you ready?

Bravery manifests itself in many different ways. Whether it’s creating with conviction, leading with intention, embracing disruption, thinking like a start-up, or taking control – brands need to be bold enough shape the future, otherwise they risk falling behind.

Stay Curious.

Create Amazing.

Be Brave Together.

How will your brand fare as today continues to rapidly shape the future? At Interbrand, we are your Brand Activists. We have an unwavering passion to truly understand what people need, create what they love, and unleash the possibilities of what your brand can become. And embracing bravery is the key to bringing it all to fruition.