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Key Insights from Interbrand’s Masterclass

“Together with our clients, we grow brands and businesses.”

“Together with our clients, we grow brands and businesses.” While this is a mantra we at Interbrand have been living and breathing for some time, growth of partners is not the only priority that we hold dear. As an organization, Interbrand also invests in fostering personal and professional growth for our people.

Interbrand’s Masterclass is an annual training program that brings together team members from across our 21 global offices for an intensive 3-day workshop that consists of classroom learning, as well as workshopping with a client on a real-world challenge. The Cincinnati team was honored to have three representatives attend just last month, each representing a different discipline: Design, Strategy, and Client Service.

While all three have a shared experience, each walked away with a unique perspective of Masterclass, with different key insights raising to the forefront of the experience as a whole. Patrick Sutherland, Senior Client Leader, walked away with five key takeaways, ranging in topic from client needs to the digital landscape for brand. Among the big ideas Chris Smith, Senior Consultant, Strategy & Analytics, walked away with were the benefits of a cross-functional (and global!) team and the importance of storytelling were also. For Amanda Handermann, Associate Creative Director, what could be considered our biggest challenge as branding professionals rose to the top: the question of how we can humanize brands to build meaningful connections with consumers.

Learn more about Patrick’s, Chris’, and Amanda’s unique perspectives by reading each of their recaps here, here, and here.



Photo credit: Yosuke Azuma