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Blending a Cali-French summer experience through seasonal package design


In order to help the Chandon brand break out in the sparkling wine category, while also capturing its millennial female target audience, LVMH launched its “Born French, Raised in California” story for the brand in 2017 with a limited-edition summer offering, featuring a seasonal package design system. This offering, with a nautical, yet chic, design communicated the story of an American Summer. The bottle performed so well on shelf, and with the targeted audience specifically, that Chandon has continued with this momentum by extending the Limited-Edition Summer Offering for another year and into 2018.

In a continuation of the “Born French, Raised in California” theme, this years’ bottle design moved away from the explicit nautical look, as Chandon wanted to blend more of the brand’s French heritage with the Californian style. To achieve this, the stripes, which remain a strong brand asset, are still being leveraged, but have been evolved into more sophisticated patterns. This maintains a level of chic that still appeals to their millennial consumers, who are also known as #ChandonSquad.

By pushing the design further away from the typical beach setting, this seasonal package design aims to capture an overall Cali-French essence, versus only a beach essence. The 2018 evolved design keeps with the brand rooted in sophisticated-chic from the French influence, while keeping the Californian light-hearted, radiant, and playful essence very much alive.

The evolution to Chandon Summer package design continues to elevate the brand. Launched in May 2018, the limited-edition packaging has helped shape the strategic direction of the brand for years to come. Chandon aims to continue to be disruptive in their category, and to become the ultimate category leader in the summer season.

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