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Buffalo Wild Wings rethinks their playbook

Buffalo Wild Wings
As the dining market has become increasingly competitive, Buffalo Wild Wings knew they needed to make a play to continue their reign as “The Great American Sports Bar” for game day.

As consumer preferences are ever-evolving and expectations continue to rise, a clear opportunity was present to reimagine the entirety of the Buffalo Wild Wings experience.

Following the brand’s acquisition by Inspire Brands earlier this year, Buffalo Wild Wings sought to develop a new playbook centered on taking the ‘wings, beer, sports’ brand to a new level. Enlisting the help of Interbrand, Buffalo Wild Wings’ debuted their new logo as their first step in a series of strategic moves to refocus the sports bar experience across its whole system of more than 1,200 restaurants.


A place for true fans

Reconnecting with what matters most to fans was the key to strategizing for the future of Buffalo Wild Wings. By focusing on the guests, Interbrand helped Buffalo Wild Wings to define and articulate their position in the market. By crafting a playbook to help deliver a game time experience worth sharing, we created an experience that encourages guests to meet up, let loose, and bond over food and drinks.


An expression of pride

Outwardly expressing the new brand strategy, a refreshed visual identity system signals change. The new Buffalo Wild Wings logo is a contemporary take on the mark. It leverages iconic elements from the past while simultaneously introducing new elements indicative of where the brand is going. The new logo also provides flexibility, as it consists of a system of multiple versions which can be used horizontally or vertically, and it can be executed across a range of media activations.

A range of visual touchpoints were created to bring the Buffalo Wild Wings brand to life, including capturing the story of the winged buffalo, dubbed ‘The Buffalore’, and celebrating the iconic range of flavorful sauces. The new graphic style is as distinctive as it is appealing, delivering a mouth-watering message and keeping the theme that ‘wild’ is our middle name.


Touchdown. Homerun. Game On!

The system is actively being applied to all Buffalo Wild Wings activations – digitally via their website and Blazin’ Rewards app, we well as through their marketing and in their restaurants. Regardless of where the new branding appears, the playbook provides a clear strategy to keep the Buffalo Wild Wings team at the top of their game, and keeps the fans always on the edge of their seat.


The Inspire Brands team is thrilled with the future direction of the Buffalo Wilds Wings brand they continue down this path:


“Interbrand truly understood the core essence of our brand and connected it with our fans’ passions in ways that exceeded my expectations through the brand identity project.”

Chris Fuller

SVP, Head of Communications

Buffalo Wild Wings


“I continue to be very excited about where this is heading.”

Paul Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Inspire Brands, Inc.

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