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Corona Extra: your beach, on draft

Constellation Brands
Driving growth through a new on-premise experience

Corona Extra had plateaued as the #5 beer in the US. However, they achieved this success without any presence on draft. The brand recognized its untapped potential in on-premise consumption and began testing their opportunity to expand into draft in 2015. While their first test market proved somewhat successful, their point of sale experience in this environment was not as visceral and emotionally engaging as the overall Corona brand experience.

Interbrand was engaged to help tap into Corona Extra’s full growth potential by creating a more emotionally fulfilling experience for Corona Extra’s on-premise draft offering.

Interbrand conducted a strategic audit to truly understand how to tap into Corona Extra’s potential as an on-draft offering, as well as key insights that would help drive engagement and growth for the brand.

The key learning garnered through this process was that the beach, a key equity for the Corona brand, was missing from the bar. The draft beer drinking experience had the potential to be more emotionally engaging than drinking out of a can or bottle for Corona, but there was a disconnect between the test experience and the feeling the brand is known to elicit from consumers. This disconnect was remedied by instilling a new creative idea with the power to refresh the draft experience for the brand, while remaining close to its core: A Beach in Every Pour.

A new visual identity and redesigned point-of-sale materials—including glasses, a tap handle, coasters, napkins and more— resulted in a fresh look for Corona on draft, and a more engaging experience for drinkers. The new draft experience launched in five test markets for Cinco de Mayo in 2016. Positive reactions from both the service industry and customers created an immediate buzz around the brand. Also, based on additional research, overall brand perception and purchase consideration significantly improved when consumers see Corona Extra on draft.

For the 2017 fiscal year, Corona Extra draft grew depletion volume– the industry benchmark of product movement from distributors to retail customers– by +6%. These impressive sales resulted in Constellation Brands launching the Corona Draft Experience more broadly, including a statewide launch in California in April 2017. The results from this launch exceeded expectations, with overall on-premise depletions up +110%, and accounts sold up +90%.

This launch resulted in an overall on-premise depletions up +110%, and accounts sold up +90%.
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