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Green Mountain Coffee looks to its roots to build for the future

Keurig Green Mountain
Keurig’s Green Mountain Coffee brand needed help standing out in their crowded category. By creating a brand strategy and architecture that identified white space and tapped into an understanding of their consumer’s coffee preferences, the brand was positioned for future success.

Despite its position as the leading K-Cup brand, Green Mountain Coffee had stiff competition in the category. The myriad of power brands, including Peets, Starbucks, Folgers, Gevalia, and Dunkin’ Donuts, as well as Keurig’s own offering of private label brands, meant Green Mountain Coffee needed a fresh direction to successfully continue to compete. In order to succeed, they needed to evaluate the white space in the category in order to evaluate new products in the development pipeline, as well as those already in the market, to position them for growth. According to initial research, coffee drinkers make their selections based on a number of factors: flavor profile, how the coffee is prepared, where they enjoy it, the origin of the beans. It’s not just about taste and type anymore; it’s about the experience. Green Mountain Coffee needed to deliver a brand experience.

A strategic framework and branding strategy was needed to inform a new positioning and communicate the brand’s offerings in a meaningful way. This, in turn, informed a package design strategy that brings the Green Mountain Coffee portfolio to life on a crowded shelf. This includes a redesign of their existing portfolio, plus the addition of new offerings to appeal to additional consumers. This portfolio includes core coffees, seasonal offerings, and reserve roasts, enabling the brand to be tailored to every drinking experience. The new design communicates the heritage and premium quality the brand by delivering on its authentic and spirited Vermont heritage. To create clarity and simplicity for consumers, Green Mountain Coffee aligned their total portfolio with the positioning, as informed by a completely new brand architecture. A unifying idea of “authentic Green Mountain Coffee experiences for every occasion” provides depth and breadth for their heritage and newly launched brands alike.

These efforts resulted in an exciting new Green Mountain Coffee brand that is positioned for the future by leveraging its history and authentic roots. Early testing revealed that the “new” Green Mountain Coffee makes the brand more modern, relevant and appealing, and this success translated to success at shelf as well.

Green Mountain Coffee’s new brand architecture and packaging makes an impact at shelf, allowing it to stand out in the crowded category.

Green Mountain Coffee’s new brand architecture and packaging makes an impact at shelf, allowing it to stand out in the crowded category.
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