From Metamucil to Meta: A transformative journey of a classic brand

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Make the change: reasserting Metamucil’s relevance for today’s consumers through the modernization of the brand to drive a more youthful, fresh image.

Reinventing a classic

Metamucil, an 80-year-old brand best known as a laxative product in a big orange canister, was stuck in a rut. This classic brand was not growing and not relevant to today’s consumer. It was also experiencing pressure from increased competition, including private brands. To put Metamucil on a growth path and bring more consumers into the franchise, the brand needed a dramatic change.

To breathe new life into the brand and communicate its product benefits to a wider audience, Metamucil needed to be repositioned from a reactive “problem/solution” product to a proactive wellness brand, reaching a broader target audience.


Making a change

The journey began by creating a wellness vision and story for this classic brand:

We believe that change isn’t always easy. We believe in the ancient adage, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This adage still holds true today, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Similarly, the journey to transform Metamucil was rooted in the brand story and the idea of “change.”


Evolving for the future

The first step was to bring forward a fresh image for the brand to help shed its “this is my grandma’s brand” baggage, without losing its established equities. The brand name, Metamucil, was shortened to “Meta.” This shorter, more modern name gives the brand that needed stretch to bring the wellness vision to life by serving as a Master Brand over new product lines and allow it to communicate more benefits.

The next step was to change the dated look of Metamucil by modernizing the face of the brand through revamping its look, tone, and feel, visual identity, and brand mark. The new design pays homage to the heritage of the brand through its distinctive orange color, while conveying a vibrant look and feel that reflects the new wellness position and vision and feels more youthful and fresh.


Modernizing a classic

Now, the Meta brand mark has a more contemporary feel, while still being recognized and accepted by existing users. The “Make a Change” tagline is locked up with the brand mark to keep the brand story and new brand idea front and center.

The success of this evolution of a classic brand has led to the launch of new offerings and sub-brands such as Meta Health Bars, Meta Probiotics, and Meta Heart Health. “Making the Change” has resulted in increased share and household penetration, and set it the foundation for Meta to continue to grow in the future.

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