Oros helps “Conquer your Everest” with scientifically-inspired apparel

Two friends used NASA technology to revolutionize how people protect themselves from environmental extremes.

A new idea doesn’t just disrupt the market, it creates an opportunity for a fresh brand to flourish. Tired of feeling encumbered by bulky layers, two friends uncovered a way to use aerogel technology that was created by NASA to create revolutionary cold-weather apparel that’s thinner, warmer, and more flexible.

Through a Kickstarter campaign used to jumpstart their business, the new company had a commitment to send 1,500 jackets to early backers. With cutting-edge technology and a premium price, the co-founders realized they needed their brand to be equally innovative. They had initially taken a rudimentary stab at creating a brand for their product line, but their brand name wasn’t properly vetted and trademarked, and the visual and verbal identity did not resonate with consumers to its full potential. Interbrand partnered with the start-up to help them create Oros: the iconic brand they needed to support their innovative offerings.

Interbrand crafted a distinctive strategic foundation and best-in-class design. Through a collaborative consultative process, the target consumer, “Avid Adventurers,” inspired the foundation of the new brand. These individuals seek extreme adventure, but current apparel options were keeping them from reaching new heights. This was the basis of the brands new proposition “Conquer Your Everest” and the inspiration for the new brand name, OROS.

OROS itself means “mountain” in Greek, and the brand gives you the mobility, protection, and style to overcome your mountain, no matter how high. A simple, premium design drives the brand’s look and feel, and the experience work spans from 3D packaging and tradeshow display design to digital strategy recommendations. This engagement included the creation of an innovative triangular packaging that delivers the brand to customers’ hands with a premium look at a low cost. A promotional video brings OROS’ innovative insulation technology to life by demonstrating how, even after getting blasted by liquid Nitrogen, the wearer’s body temperature remains unchanged.

The new system used across all brand touchpoints is deliberate in its usage of core assets (color, logo, tagline) to effectively build brand awareness and recall.

Since the brand’s re-launch, OROS has secured a second round of startup funding, exceeding targets by 20%. OROS began its second production run with an expanded line of products and a promising growth trajectory that truly lives up to the OROS brand tagline: Always Onward, Forever Upward.

Since the brand’s re-launch, OROS has secured a second round of startup funding, exceeding targets by 20%.
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