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“Accessible Prestige” brought to life through Escents’ retail brand identity 

Escents Aromatherapy began over 20 years ago as a bespoke essential oils kiosk and has turned into a thriving international business with the help of a new retail brand identity.

As numerous growth opportunities presented themselves to the small Escents brand, it was time to recast the entire brand experience. Escents’ positioning in the market and their identity, along with store design and packaging needed to evolve to elevate the brand to setthem on a new course for growth.

In order to refresh the brand and create a new in-store experience that engaged the consumer, Interbrand needed to determine what was working well for the brand, and where it could be optimized. Escents sought to be an accessible, yet premium, indulgence with am emphasis on aroma and wellness. The guiding principle for the brand was to “be the people’s prestige,” yet there was a disconnect between the brand purpose and their desired messaging.

The Interbrand team immersed themselves in the brand, including a review of the existing identity, and spending time in various stores to inform the direction the new retail brand identity should take. It was determined that the existing typography reflects the prestigious feeling of Escents the brand sought to communicate. However, the existing icon needed to evolve to exude the same level of prestige and connection to nature. Additionally, the evaluation of the existing store experience uncovered three key principles to guide the creation of the new, prestigious retail brand identity and experience:

  1. Storytelling is key: use the store to tell the right story at the right place through communication and scale
  2. Simplify the space: intuitive and engaging store design with clear navigation to aid the customer journey
  3. Moments of experience: creating engaging focal elements to pull guests into the store

With careful consideration of adjacencies and the customer journey, the redeveloped stores were organized in a way that entices the customer to relax and explore. The store is divided into two main areas—aroma and wellness, with a focal for essential oils and aroma blends bridging the two.

As a result, the new stores that implemented the new retail brand identity experienced a 64% increase in sales. Today, the Escents brand has expanded to over 20 locations with additional plans to expand.

New stores experienced a 64% increase in sales.
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