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Interbrand Mailand gestaltet Brand Identity für die neue Weinrange Bellifolli von Valle dell’Acate

8. März 2018


Interbrand creates the identity of Bellifolli, a light and joyous new range of wines by Valle dell’Acate designed to please the palates of Millennials

Milan, Italy (March 8, 2018)- Valle dell’Acate, a Sicilian company known for its deep rooted wine tradition spanning six generations, is proud to present Bellifolli, a range of wines that interprets the tastes of today’s Millennials and the conviviality that characterizes today’s society. Valle dell’Acate began their collaboration with Interbrand in order to launch Bellifolli and pursue its sustainable growth throughout Italy and across international markets.

“Bellifolli is a project that represents the desire of Valle Dell’Acate to innovate and is oriented specifically to Millennials, a young consumer group that enjoys drinking light wines” said Gaetana Jacono, owner of Valle Dell’Acate. “Their wine culture is growing rapidly, but they are also quite attracted to image and appealing packaging. Hence the need for rejuvenation while, at the same time, enhancing and reinterpreting the traditional Sicilian Baroque culture, a Unesco heritage”.

Bellifolli, made up of four wines: Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Insolia,  and Grillo & Chardonnay, sums up the contrasts that characterize Sicily, from the beauty and eccentricity, to the light and shadow, and the stormy sea, each have been captured by the identity developed by Interbrand.

While creating the identity Interbrand reinterpreted and updated the Sicilian Baroque culture by personifying it into each of the four wines. Through the faces of the stone masks, which look on in amusement at everyday life in Sicily, the global brand consultancy designed a face for each wine; four characters and four stories.

“We wanted to let the wines themselves speak, release them from the bottle, invite them to our table. This is the spirit of Sicily!” , commented Paolo Insinga, Creative Director of Interbrand Milan.

Syrah, is ruby ​​red with violet hues and a flavor characterized by hints of dark fruits, interpreted by a jovial and light-hearted face that greets every day with a wide smile. Intense and fruity, with a pleasant hint of hay and aromatic herbs, it reveals a rich, aromatic and persuasive palate. A vigorous, almost beastly face represents Nero D’Avola, matching its strong, intriguing flavors. Citrus fruits, jasmine and the typical greenish-yellow color of Insolia are personified in a peaceful, reassuring mask. And lastly, the sunny, confident features that identify the Grillo & Chardonnay reflect the soave structure of a fruity, intense wine with hints of apple and exotic fruit.

“We are very happy to be a part of this collaboration,” said Manfredi Ricca, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA & LatAm at Interbrand. “Valle dell’Acate has extraordinary potential and all that is required to grow internationally: a story to tell, a place, a culture, and – above all – a forward-looking philosophy.”

The identity of Bellifolli, which conveys the spirit of Sicilian wines in a modern, light-hearted key, was createdto transform the brand into a true icon of Italian conviviality on an international scale.


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