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#PressforProgress – Ein Hoch auf die Gleichberechtigung am Internationalen Frauentag

#TimesUp on letting prejudices and inequalities hold us back. Interbrand is not an organization to stand by—#IBACTS to make the world a better place.

On International Women’s day, we’re rallying along with the rest of the world to #PressforProgress by moving gender parity from a far-off goal to an imminent reality. We’re challenging our colleagues and everyone we know—female, male, and non-identifying—to inspire change within their own spheres of influence, and to keep the momentum of #MeToo, #MentorHer, and other pivotal movements going.

By asking some fundamental questions, we can inspire new fervor around these issues: What does gender equality mean to you? What are you doing to support it? How are you inspired by women, or empowering those around you?

The responses we received from around our network are proof that progress can happen—and is happening—globally. But we have to keep pushing…

So share your own story and follow the movement #PressforProgress #InternationalWomensDay #IBWoman

Are you ready for change? Us too.


Charles Trevail, Interbrand

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David Rennie, Interbrand #IBWoman

Experience Director Davy Rennie’s personal take on gender parity

What does gender equality mean to you?

For me, like marriage equality, gender equality is a conversation that we shouldn’t need to be having, but sadly do. It is below us as a country and a market to even debate. I firmly believe that anyone who is against it privately or publicly is one of two things: dumb or afraid of inadequacy. As a father to a daughter and someone surrounded by incredibly talented and strong females, I hope that #PressforProgress means this conversation disappears, and equality becomes simply the norm.

What are you doing to support it?

Trying to mentor both female and male employees to show them that sexuality, gender, race, disability, etc. don’t define you as a person—and everyone has an equal and powerful voice at every table.

How are you inspired by women, or empowering those around you?

My wife is a strong female leader who has made sacrifices in her career to provide us with the family we have today. Her drive to get back to the top of the corporate ladder, diversifying her skill set and continuing to be the matriarch of our family humbles me every day.


Ameya_Kapnadak, Interbrand #IBWoman

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Gabriella Feolla, Interbrand #IBWoman

Gabriella Feola, Verbal Identity Analyst, tells powerful stories to promote gender parity

When I choose to study journalism, there was one thing I couldn’t understand and accept: why men’s and women’s magazines were so different. Men’s magazines were delightful: travel, sex, wine, cars, games. Women’s magazines were all about diets, beauty, how to behave, how to attend expectations—they were mechanisms to transform girls into insecure and concerned women.

This drove my desire to offer women access to the fun, delight, and relaxation that men have always had. At 19, I started to research, study, and write about women’s sexuality—in parallel to my official jobs. I understood that to promote freedom and equality, I first had to find out how to untie the knots that bind us to traditions, morals, and sexism.

Along this journey, I wrote many columns and the authored a book, Amulherar-se (To Become a Woman), in which I tell the stories of nine real woman, and how they’ve developed their sexuality and personalities according their families, beliefs, religions, and social rules.

Louisa Borges, Interbrand #IBWoman


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Alison Cardy, HMKM #IBWomen