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HMKM Wins Design Week Award 2016 for TRYANO, Abu Dhabi

June 23, 2016


LONDON, United Kingdom (23 June 2016) — HMKM, a division of Interbrand, is delighted to announce the recent win of a Design Week Award: Best Retail Interior with TRYANO Speciality Store, Abu Dhabi for Chalhoub Group.


TRYANO is a completely new and revolutionary retail concept, creating a category-defining, destination shopping experience focused on three specialisms of beauty, bags and childrenswear. Designed to make shopping entertaining, TRYANO incorporates the core vales of the store; ‘Alive,’ ‘Entertaining’, ‘Specialised’ and ‘Remarkable’, embedded firmly into the store design. Spread across three floors and 200,000 square feet—housing over 250 of the most sought-after international and local brands—TRYANO immerses shoppers in an ever-evolving retail experience.


HMKM was tasked with creating an imaginative world of shopping—combining fantasy, luxury and technology into a new and unique retail experience. The result was the creation of a ‘Garden of Imagination’; a retail landscape that changes with the seasons.


“Today’s customers are not looking to purchase a certain product,” noted Linton Crockford Moore, Group Creative Director. “They are looking for an experience. They expect to be taken on a journey. TRYANO provides customers with an experience that is alive, entertaining, special and remarkable.”


Upon arrival, the customer is drawn to the central 20-meter high atrium before moving through to the winter-inspired Beauty space. It’s here that the consumer is first introduced to theatre and interaction with the ‘Fountain of Youth,’ an interactive digital ‘fountain’ that comes alive with streams of LED light—glittering and pulsing to echo the customers movements.


From Beauty to bags, the seasonal transition continues from winter to spring. The heart of the bag department houses a classic garden maze, which embraces modern technology with floating glass display boxes and animated LED screens.


Children aren’t left out as they also navigate through imaginative, play-focused landscapes complete with a fully interactive fairytale Carousel sitting in the centre of the floor. Just beyond, the Kids area is home to play castles and lily pad tables, both of which complete the dynamic and immersive playscape.


HMKM’s Christian Papa said, “The Chalhoub Group brief for TRYANO focused on creating a unique and exemplary customer experience, allowing HMKM to really push beyond the boundaries of retail design. The result was the creation of an outstanding and engaging store experience . . . one that offers real soul, warmth, and vibrancy.”


With a very high customer conversation rate and an average growth in sales of 50% each month, TRYANO is on track to become a leading destination store with solid commercial success. TRYANO’s soft launch took place in November 2015, with an official store launch set for autumn 2016.


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