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Interbrand releases 2017 Best Brazilian Brands

November 30, 2017


  • Itaú, Bradesco, Skol, Brahma, and Banco do Brasil remain in the Top 5
  • Magazine Luiza, Bradesco, Renner, Havaianas, and Localiza show double digit growth
  • Fleury’s presence in the 25th position marks the entry of the health sector into the ranking

(São Paulo, Brazil) November 30, 2017 – Leading global brand consultancy, Interbrand, has announced the Best Brazilian Brands of 2017. The official launch took place yesterday evening, with an event held at the British Creative Arts School (EBAC) in São Paulo.

This year’s Best Brazilian Brands report analyzes 25 brands. The first five positions respectively belong to Itaú, Bradesco, Skol, Brahma, and Banco do Brasil. Fleury appears on the list for the first time, taking the 25th position. With a value of R$413 million, it is the first brand from the health sector to enter Interbrand Brazil’s ranking.

Of the 25 brands featured on this year’s list, 20 show positive change, in comparison to last year’s values. Five brands show a double-digit increase in value from 2016; Bradesco climbed into second place with 18% growth, followed by Renner with 16%, Havaianas with 13%, Magazine Luiza with 30% (the Top Growing brand on the list), and Localiza with 11% growth.

The total value of this year’s portfolio grew 6.4%, reaching a total of R$ 116,7 billion. Of the 25 brands, 20 either maintained or grew in value. In this context, the top brands became even more powerful, with the Top 5 representing 75.3% of the total value, up 1.5% from last year’s 73.8%.

“If, on the one hand, the political scenario remains unstable and the still-shy recovery of trust in the economic environment promises a slow and long term comeback on the other, the 2017 Best Brazilian Brands ranking shows us that, in uncertain times, the investments in branding quickly appear,” said Daniella Bianchi, Managing Director of Interbrand São Paulo.

According to Bianchi, this year’s ranking reveals the keys to growth in an uncertain climate: brands that knew how to combine good management and entrepreneurial spirit, even under the toughest times, not only were able to protect themselves, but also achieved a competitive advantage. Many of these brands also gained momentum from bold M&A moves, while others managed to respond quickly to the challenges imposed by the proliferation and growth of the “new economy” brands.

In addition, brands that have a clear and strong purpose at their core and manage to align with people in the search of a legitimate commitment to bettering society, also stood out.

“Corporate Citizenship is now being watched and demanded by consumers, who increasingly ask to be treated as citizens ready to take part in discussions, and are connected with brands that show a transformative mindset in initiatives that look at Brazil from new angles,” emphasized Bianchi.

Being part of the 25 Best Brazilian Brands has become more competitive as the years go on. For the first time, the 25th brand on the list exceeded R$400 million in brand value, a 10% increase compared to the 2016 ranking.

“These numbers may still look shy when compared to the recent 2017 Best Global Brands, Interbrand’s global ranking, in which the 100th brand is worth more than USD $4 billion. However, if we look at the historic minimum value to be considered for the Best Brazilian Brands, there has been a 375% growth since 2010,” says André Matias, Brand Strategy Director and Head of Brand Valuation of Interbrand São Paulo.

This year’s ranking is complemented by the study “Spaces of change: the brands that are changing Brazil for better,” which features businesses that managed to fill the gaps in sectors overlooked by the government, in addition to the spaces left behind by the big companies that failed to develop innovative and socially relevant solutions. The result of this is that brands, in a short time of existence, were able to build identity, relevance, and connections with their consumers.

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2017 Best Brazilian Brands Ranking (values in R$ million):


In order to make it on the list of the most valuable brands, the first requirement a brand must meet is to be of national origin and to present its financial information publicly. The company itself does not have to be public, but it is essential that their financial data is accessible.

Based on an exclusive and certified Brand Valuation methodology, developed by Interbrand in 1988 in partnership with London Business School, Best Brazilian Brands is the result of a series of studies that analyze and correlate financial performance, brand perception and its influence on consumers. The Best Brazilian Brands ranking exists since 2001.

In partnership with Provokers, a survey was conducted throughout Brazil, gathering more than a thousand interviewees and covering 124 brands, which resulted in a broad panorama of the current scenario and positive and negative impressions of different brands in various segments.

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