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Interbrand’s Concept and Visual Identity for Brand El Salvador Brings the Country’s Growth Strategy to Life

March 29, 2017


Interbrand has developed a comprehensive branding program applicable across various institutions to increase international awareness of El Salvador and promote investment, exports, and tourism.


Mexico City, Mexico (March 29, 2017) – Interbrand celebrates the beginning of a bright new future for El Salvador as this Central American country rich in culture, resources and entrepreneurial potential launches its new nation brand to the world. The global brand consultancy has conducted a comprehensive program including an extensive diagnosis, strategy, and the creation of a completely new visual identity set to inspire its citizens and put El Salvador on the map as one of the new destinations and growing global economies.

The world’s leading consultancy specialized in the creation and management of brands, with expertise in developing country brands for the five continents, including Chile, Australia, Holland, South Korea, Johannesburg and the brand region for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, joined the process after winning the “International Public Contest for the design of the strategy of the Country Brand of El Salvador” hosted by the Government of the Republic of El Salvador, PROESA (Organismo Promotor de Exportaciones e Inversiones de El Salvador) and FANTEL (Privatización de la Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones). Based on a thorough analysis previously conducted by the Government of El Salvador together with other sectors of Salvadorian society, and a further extensive study conducted by Interbrand, the consultancy identified the main opportunities that help to differentiate the country in terms of investment, promotion and tourism.

“We gained a deep understanding of what makes El Salvador the perfect place for the development of great success stories: Stories of entrepreneurship, conciliation, alliances and great relationships,” explained Constanza Gabelich, Director of Strategy, Interbrand Mexico & Caricam.

Following this strategic line, Interbrand developed the concept and graphic identity for El Salvador’s country brand. As Juan Carlos Martínez, Design Director, Interbrand Mexico & Caricam explains: “The primary objective was to provide recognizable graphic elements relevant to the diverse audiences and communities that make up the Salvadorian identity. In its sum, the new brand aims to be a patriotic symbol that invites foreign and national investors to commit to El Salvador’s resources and entrepreneurship projects, but also importantly favors its citizens by communicating and remembering the reasons why they should take pride and leadership in the development of their country through their collective efforts as individuals.”

The main conceptual and graphic element of the logo is the letter “V”, located in the center of El Salvador’s name. Together with the kaleidoscope of images that burst forth from this “V,” the logo communicates both infinite variety of vivid experiences to be had in this wonderful country, and the origin from which they are created.

Indigo blue was selected as the main color for the country’s brand identity. It is a tone that maintains a solid historical association with El Salvador and its people, from its strong presence on the flag to the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, to the “Gold blue” plant and dye that is one of the country’s most important resources and exports. Likewise, El Salvador’s name has been given great prominence to imbue the logo with strength and charisma, enabling it to communicate seriously but also with a warmth and openness, thereby connecting very diverse audiences including investors, exporters, citizens and tourists.

The concept for the country brand’s identity that Interbrand has developed for El Salvador will be instrumental in building its positive reputation, helping the nation achieve greater resonance among key audiences, in addition to cementing a sense of collective identity among the Salvadorian people. Isabel Blasco, Managing Director of Interbrand Mexico & Caricam commented: “Salvador now has a brand that represents Salvadorians in all their roles, and in all the positive traits they have and want the world to know about them. The journey only begins now; the government, its institutions and its people are beginning a new and exciting path toward growth.”

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