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LATAM Airlines Group Presents a “Universe of Experiences” for its Newly Formed Brand

April 28, 2016


SÃO PAULO, Brazil (28 April, 2016) – Today, the LATAM Airlines Group introduces the new LATAM brand, a product of the merging of major airlines, LAN and TAM. The launch will be accompanied by multiple simultaneous events in the countries where the group operates around the globe, and presents an integrated universe of experiences developed for the brand.

The project involved intense research in over 10 countries, defining the brand’s strategy, and activation of the new vision. The project was led by Interbrand offices in Brazil, Chile, and Spain.

This project represents Latin America’s most complex case of merging brands, with global strategic relevance. “This has been a process full of challenges and paradigm-breaking. The creation of LATAM is a mark in the history of aviation; the first time two great airline companies come together under an entirely new flag. Starting with the commitment to take dreams and people always further and to bring the best of Latin America to the world, we have worked for the last two years on an intense implementation process that comes to light as of today,” shares Daniella Bianchi, Managing Director at Interbrand São Paulo.



The new logo’s lines were inspired by the geography of the region itself – not really concerned with a literal representation – and by the dynamism of Latin America. The symbol’s design connects with the logo’s original typography, with a blend of sharp and rounded angles portraying the harmonious combination of the brand’s efficiency and humanity. The new colors are Indigo and Coral: Indigo is derived from the blending of TAM’s red and LAN’s blue, and represents the efficient and elegant side of the LATAM brand. Coral stands for the other side: passion and care for the customer.

This new identity involved the creation of many elements, including the LATAM Sans original typography, developed in collaboration with typographer Daniel Sabino; a photographic style, which includes an image bank produced by photographer Claudio Edinger; and a sound branding project developed with B Sound Thinking.




As of today, approximately 321 aircrafts and 137 airports will begin adopting LATAM’s new identity in a gradual, three-year long process that should conclude in 2018.

“The aircrafts’ design positions LATAM on a global level. We seek to explore the new brand’s elements, creating a minimalist and elegant identity for the project’s most iconic touchpoint. From the rudder, inspired by the logo’s lines, all the way to details like two-colored winglets (Indigo and Coral), and the LATAM icon on the lower part, which will be seen during the flight,” explains Beto Almeida, Managing Director at Interbrand São Paulo.

In order to guarantee the implementation of all steps, the Interbrand team was present during the first aircraft paintings with main providers, such as Boeing in Seattle and Airbus at Toulouse. Each painting takes 6 to 12 days to be completed.

The first aeroplane to operate with the LATAM image will be a Boeing 767, with a special design, which will depart from Rio de Janeiro on May 1st and head to Geneva to retrieve the Olympic Flame. LATAM Airlines in Brazil is an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay.

On May 5th, LATAM will launch its first three commercial flights along following routes: São Paulo-Santiago, Santiago-Lima, and São Paulo-Brasilia. The evolution of the LATAM identity, starting in 13 airports where the company operates, will also begin on May 5th. This evolution includes new signage at check-in counters, VIP lounges, boarding cards, and updated information screens. 

Besides livery and airports, Interbrand also had an essential role in developing the new Frequent Flyer Programme, the first consumer touchpoint that surfaced in March 2016. For now, programmes are not joined operationally, which results into two different brands: LATAM Fidelidade in Brazil and LATAM Pass in all other markets. The programme’s whole identity, from visual expression to cards (LATAM, Gold, Platinum, Black, and Black Signature), was developed by Interbrand. In addition to the Frequent Flyer Programme, two new sub-brands, LATAM Cargo and LATAM Travel, were also launched in the month of March.



With the purpose of inspiring dreams and exploring the best of Latin America, Interbrand also developed a brand identity for the new content and entertainment platform: VAMOS/LATAM. It will be made up of a new on-board magazine, mobile app, website (, and all of LATAM’s official social media pages.



The new brand will be adopted gradually. This process, initiated in the second semester of last year, is called “Building LATAM” and is enhanced by a digital tool (, which has documented the step-by-step evolution of the brand and showcased some of the project’s behind-the-scenes moments.

Interbrand also carried out an engagement programme for the brand’s internal audience, which involved the Council, the Executive Management, and the intense capacitation of LATAM’s Culture, Marketing, and Communication teams. During this phase of preparation, Interbrand conducted workshops for approximately 500 people, including teams from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, the USA, and many European countries.

“Strong brands are not built in one day and need to be established from the inside to the outside. Changes in the airline industry are particularly complex and require efficient management, with structured tools and processes. We are convinced that the result will be a global brand capable of bringing together world-class levels of excellence and the best of local culture,” concludes Gonzalo Brujó, CEO, Interbrand EMEA & LatAm.


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