Breakthrough Brands 2020:

Big impact sustainability commitments

As major brands are pressured to become more responsible and ethical corporate citizens, they are desperate to find quick solutions to meet their short-term, big-impact sustainability commitments. New brands are popping up to fill this need. These companies are tackling complex infrastructure solutions for massive corporations that are too entrenched to reimagine entire components of their business.

The first of these companies is Loop. CEO Tom Szaky states: “The idea for Loop emerged three years ago when TerraCycle (their parent company) and leading packaged goods manufacturers discussed the idea of restructuring the life cycle ownership of packaged goods to be durable and reusable with the aim of being a solution to the growing waste crisis. TerraCycle, in partnership with 25 participating brands, officially unveiled the Loop platform in 2019.” Now thanks to them, you can get your Häagen-Dazs in sleek stainless-steel cans or your Cascade capsules in a stylish biodegradable container.

Others like Rivian are helping the world’s largest (and thus often most ethically criticized) retailer, Amazon, build towards a more sustainable future—Amazon invested in the company to switch their delivery trucks to Rivian’s electric ones. In another case, The RealReal, a luxury consignment company, is partnering with Burberry and Stella McCartney to create a circular economy in fashion. This type of partnership demonstrates a symbiotic win for all three brands: The RealReal gains direct access to authentic designer clothing while the fashion houses are praised for progressive thinking and evolving a fashion world built on wasteful cycles.

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