Breakthrough Brands 2020:

From patients to consumers

With a decade-long rise of health consciousness and the recent “mainstreaming” of wellness, people have become more aware of the health factor in various aspects of their lives. They are thinking critically about their health—not only at the doctor’s office—but at the grocery store, at their workplaces, during their commutes, during their leisure time, and elsewhere in their daily routines.

A new set of wellness brands such as Saje (an essential oils and skincare retailer), Goop (a clean beauty and lifestyle company), and Apple Health (the health informatics app) are giving consumers (not “patients”) fresh ways to feel more in control of their mental, emotional, and physical well-being outside the confines of traditional healthcare. Contributing to “healthtech” innovations like telehealth and wearable biometrics trackers, these digital-first brands are combining full systems health innovations with more empathetic, compassionate brand purposes. Further blurring the lines between “health” and “wellness,” they are borrowing the codes and semiotics of the medical field, while also remembering that the equally important part of healthcare is “care.” And in response, we’re now seeing more traditional healthcare brands further engage with consumers who are actively involved and interested in reaching their “optimal health.”

A few of the companies featured in this report are examples of health re-emerging from corporate, logistical and opaque institutions to compassionate, maternal, and nurturing brands. These include Maven Clinic, who positions itself as a partner to families leading up to and following one of the single most life-changing events—having a child. “Maven is the only platform providing end-to-end care spanning the entire family journey—from fertility to return-to-work, to reimbursements, and beyond,” remarks Maven Clinic Founder and CEO, Katherine Ryder. There is Elvie, designing smarter technology to address sometimes-taboo health needs for women. And insurance company, Devoted Health, creates customized plans for every individual’s lifestyle, with easy-to-understand language and optimism.

As our ideas of health expand, there will be further blending of wellness and healthcare categories. In fact, many of our company’s health branding consultants agree that health—environmental, employee, and physical health—will bleed into virtually every industry.

Download the Breakthrough Brands 2020 report here.