Customer, Now. Episode 02:

The Opposite is Also True

Customer expectation is mercurial at the best of times – moving faster even than the fastest brands. But now that global lockdown has interrupted life as we knew it, with confinement forcing change in almost every aspect of customers’ lives, it’s harder than ever for brands to stay ahead.

To understand what’s changing in real time, Interbrand is doing deep, longitudinal work with a group of consumers in lockdown, generating insight into what this evolution really means, to help brands stay relevant, and determine what’s next.

Through this work we’re uncovering scalable human truths and identifying emerging needs and desires that are poised to unlock new opportunities and paths to growth.

Each weekly episode is designed to share this change in real time, and give our clients the confidence to make decisive moves in this fast-changing situation.

Download Episode 02: The Opposite is Also True, to discover why consumers binary thinking is making heroes and villains out of brands.

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