From a component company to a best global brand

Already a key player in manufacturing the technology inside mobile phones, Samsung wanted to branch out. As part of a 20 year relationship, we have supported Samsung’s journey from a component manufacturer to becoming one of the world’s best global brands.

A leading manufacturer of components for electronic devices, Samsung set their sights on the consumer space. Their initial attempt, however, proved futile. With engineering and manufacturing still engrained at the heart of the business, externally the brand lacked a compelling story for consumers to connect with.

An analysis of competitors reinforced the issue, with Samsung perceived as the weakest, least considered and undifferentiated brand. But, it also unveiled an opportunity. Of the competitive set, the only point of difference spanned between price and features. With a longstanding reputation for manufacturing excellence and premium products, Samsung could differentiate themselves as the innovative, superior technology brand.

Such a transformation required drastic behavioural change. In other words, brand needed to be placed at the heart of the organisation. Through a long-standing partnership with Interbrand London, the Samsung brand value is measured on an annual basis, tracking global performance and identifying key initiatives to propel future growth.

The transformation of the Samsung brand speaks for itself. Samsung is now one of the world’s most valuable brands, praised as a leader in design and innovation.

Samsung have seen a 261% increase in Brand Value since 2004
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