Discovering Renault’s “Passion for Life”

Caught amongst challenging market conditions and an underperforming business, automotive brand Renault were struggling to connect. We created the powerful story to give Renault authentic meaning in the eyes of consumers: ‘Passion for life’.

Whilst demand for low-cost and premium car brands continued to rise, interest in generalists such as Renault was on the decline. With brand image deteriorating across core markets, this signalled a ripe time for change.

We took a step back to uncover what really defined the Renault brand. What laid at the heart was an unwavering passion: for innovation, people, and discovery. This led us to the answer “Passion for life”, an embodiment of the unique Renault sprit. “Passion for life” became the centre of communications externally, and of an engagement campaign internally (encouraging all Renault employees to share their passions). A full refresh of visual identity was carried out, creating a consistent, compelling consumer experience across all touch points.

The refocus proved to be a great success, with Renault’s brand value experiencing an increase of 12%!

Renault’s brand value has now increased by 12%
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