Evolving the visual identity of a heritage sun-care brand

Learn how Interbrand revitalised the visual identity of 74-year-old brand Coppertone to occupy a distinctive space within the sun care category.

Coppertone has been providing sun care protection to adults and children across the world since 1944. But, with new entrants entering the market, Coppertone’s traditional approach of offering high quality sun care at an attractive price was no longer enough to drive choice.

Refreshing the brand story was the first step. We reframed the story to celebrate Coppertone’s heritage as the ‘suncare’ expert with a refreshing, modern identity. The brand’s distinctive, nostalgic assets have been paired with new, memorable elements to generate stronger brand ownership, whilst retaining Coppertone’s original vibrancy and positivity. The on-pack navigation experience has been transformed, with a refreshing, benefit led approach to messaging.

Coppertone now occupies a distinctive space within the category, the only 74 year old sun care expert with a progressive, modern feel. The new global identity and portfolio has been launched to much acclaim in the United States and is soon to launch in Brazil.

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