Working with Hertz International to win in the changing world of car rental

Hertz has been in business for over 100 years. The rental industry, however, has changed dramatically in recent years with increased competition from new mobility players like Uber and BlaBlaCar, as well as the rise of third party aggregators.

Ensuring a strong and differentiated brand experience was critical for Hertz to survive for another 100 years.

We started with an in-depth segmentation of car rental users across Hertz’s key non-US markets. By using an innovative mix of quantitative research techniques, we were able to identify the critical needs of each segment and tie this to behaviours, meaning that we could build a powerful case that connected strategy to brand and business impact.

This foundational study enabled us to make critical decisions in respect of the Hertz brand, as well as other portfolio brands, Dollar and Firefly. Clarifying their target customer segments, optimising their position in the market and defining what that would mean for the corresponding service experience they would need to deliver.

Our bespoke analysis provided the platform to test specific experience initiatives that would drive more business away from aggregators direct to Hertz, creating an ROI model that helped to secure the necessary investments to drive growth. We worked closely across operations, finance and analytics functions, in addition to marketing, to ensure that initiatives could be delivered by the organisation.

“Interbrand’s work took a fundamental view of our business and strategic imperatives. Original customer insight and financial data was combined with analytics and creativity to allow us to make clear and brave decisions about our future. The work has been a resounding success. It is not only highly intelligent, but actionable and inspiring to groups beyond marketing. It has given us the confidence to move forwards.” says Vincent Gillet, VP Marketing, Hertz International

Our work has led to a fundamental shift towards a more customer-centric approach within Hertz, and the first of several new experience initiatives have led to an uplift of 10% in direct bookings in just 6 months, with much more to come.


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