Igniting “Everyday adventures in denim”

Wrangler have long been perceived as ‘The’ American jean brand. But, with a shifting target-audience and changing market, this position was under threat. We brought focus back to who the Wrangler customer is, to create the perfect fitting positioning.

The first step in the brand positioning: defining the target customer. We created interactive profiles to capture their many facets, from interests to favourite brands. With the target audience defined, the optimal strategic direction could be established: articulated as Everyday adventures in denim.

To bring this to life, the visual identity of Wrangler was focused, to embody the new strategic direction. But, this raised a question: how to best engage employees, in the simplest and most compelling way?

Introducing the Brand Playbook. Completely interactive and digital, the Playbook contains every aspect of information surrounding the Wrangler brand, from fixed content (such as the brand guidelines, brand strategy etc.) to real-time content (such as news updates and social media assets).

The process has transformed internal attitudes to brand, engaging employees in an interactive way that encourages continuous sharing, connection and development of brand understanding. And externally, Wrangler continues to set the standards for all things iconic in denim.

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