Relaunching a Swedish icon

Over 40% of the world’s mobile traffic runs on Ericsson networks. But with the rise of big data, autonomy and artificial intelligence, the agenda has switched from how many connections you can carry to how many new innovations you can enable.

With the aim of establishing a leadership position in this new paradigm, Ericsson turned to Interbrand. Working with their Exco and McKinsey we drilled into what makes Ericsson unique and relevant and what has been a consistent cultural driver over their 140-year history.

The answer – ‘The quest for easy’ – a brand promise that captures a perpetual mission to perfect technology that can be readily adopted, democratized and scaled.  A concept that works just as powerfully to guide engineers and innovators inside the company as it does to plant a distinctive and desirable flag on the outside.

And what do you do when you make a promise? You make sure you deliver on it. By designing clear and compelling experience principles, working with Ericsson’s global agency roster and most importantly, co-creating new ways of positioning products and services with the engineers who create them, we have been able to turn a simple message into a critical change in business momentum.



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