Redefining conventions of oral care packaging design

GSK, Sensodyne True White
Sensodyne are the undisputed sensitivity experts. But, with the impending launch of True White, a premium whitening product, this posed the question: how to create shelf-stand out in a saturated category using packaging design?

The answer laid in True White’s formulation. Unlike other whitening products, True White combines gentle, non-abrasive whitening, with maximum sensitivity protection. Based on this logic, True White had a clear point of difference: the only premium, dual whitening- sensitivity product. Playing on the simplistic, all-white cues of high-end cosmetics, a clean, minimalist design was created. Re-enforcing the professional, scientific superiority of Sensodyne, the dentist accreditation is prominently featured on pack. And to provide ultimate shelf-stand out, True White was the first Sensodyne toothpaste to use a vertical pack, a welcome break from tradition.

True White is now available globally across 20+ markets, responsible for a 10% increase in Sensodyne’s global market share. The award-winning premium approach to design has disrupted the market conventions of the oral care category, winning a Silver award at DBA 2018.

Available globally across 20+ markets, Sensodyne True White has powered a 10% increase in the incremental value of the brand portfolio.
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