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An insight-ful approach to growth

As a partner to fast-growing brands, it’s important that our thinking as an organization continually evolves as fast as our clients.

That’s why insights are at the heart of everything we do. The insights we develop provide clarity in terms of understanding customers, reveal how brands can create and deliver exceptional customer experiences, and uncover how those brands can build better capabilities to sustain customer demand and facilitate long term growth.

Insights are the inflection points in our process that inform change, growth, and success—that’s why they’re the launching of every brand engagement.

We apply an approach, not a process, to developing insights, because we know that while processes are valuable for task management, they can at times inhibit creative thinking. Ours is simple, intuitive, and focused on delivering the maximum benefit to our clients.

The key principles to this approach are:

Begin with a clear understanding of a brand’s business, and its challenges to and goals for growth. This gives us the opportunity to prescribe a solution rather than recommend research. While this concept may seem intuitive, client engagement is often a challenge of managing the tension between being reactive versus proactive. Interrogating the client brief should be the natural first instinct.

Not everything is a great insight. But a great insight can come from anywhere. As seasoned practitioners, Interbrand analysts are truly agnostic in terms of the data sources, analytical tools, and data visualizations that we use. This gives us the opportunity to be agile and creative in our thinking, imbuing every project with a fresh sense of purpose and intense focus on finding the right information, wherever it may reside

Be the voice of the customer. We believe that, through a mix of curiosity, creativity, and empathy, we can articulate—as best we can—customers’ interests, needs and desires. This enables us to design relevant and value-generating customer experiences; experiences that drive brand choice and result in result in growth for both the brand and businesses.

Deliver actionable solutions. We’re single-minded in generating insights that can be applied in the real world. That’s what empowers our clients to make decisions that will directly effect growth for their businesses.

The goal is to be thorough and comprehensive in developing insights, while delivering recommendations in the form of a narrative that is clear, concise, and accessible to clients.

As Interbrand continues to evolve as the valued partner to growing brands, the strength and relevance of our analytics approach will continue to drive differentiation and value for all clients.


Senior Principal, Analytics
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