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CES 2017: Crystallizing complexity, from auto tech to voice activation

Attending CES is not just about cataloguing the latest innovations. Learning how people are talking about about these technologies in the market helps us best position clients and their brands. Adweek talked to Managing Director, Daniel Binns, about how developments in auto technologies, voice activation, data, AR and VR can help brands create better stories and build richer experiences.

Originally published in Adweek. By Tim Nudd

LAS VEGAS—Technology consistently holds the wondrous promise of improving people’s lives. But if consumers don’t understand a new technology, or find its potential in their everyday lives to be opaque, it may never fulfill that promise.

In many cases, this is simply a marketing problem. And it’s why agencies—most of whom have primary backgrounds not in tech but in communications—come to conferences like CES. They’re here to learn about new technologies so they can distill their essence, and explain their value, to consumers (and to non-tech clients, too). 

With that in mind, Adweek caught up on Wednesday at CES with Daniel Binns, managing director of Interbrand’s New York and San Francisco offices, to ask him what Interbrand is doing here this week—and how its learnings help inform work for clients like HP, Nissan, GE, Microsoft and AT&T. 

Check out the video above, in which Binns explains why it’s important to find clear language to communicate what the benefit of tech innovation really is—as well as which tech trends are most exciting to him lately. 


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