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Five Questions for Airline Brand Leaders

1. With a few exceptions, most airline brands remain undefined and undifferentiated. How do you develop a compelling and relevant brand proposition and brand strategy that drives demand in the short term and sustains customer loyalty over the long term?

2. In an effort to differentiate and stay relevant, airlines are increasingly focusing on technology and innovation to enhance customers’ flying experiences. How do you integrate both physical and digital touchpoints to create a more holistic and seamless customer experience? 

3. When it comes to creating new experiences for customers, the experimentation around technological innovations is accelerating. How do you know which experiences and touchpoints will genuinely add value? How do you provide clear focus and direction to all brand investments?

4. The interconnectivity of devices (or the IoT) has the potential to be a binding agent—connecting the pre-flight, flight and post-flight customer journey through far more personal and curated experiences. How will you identify and integrate opportunities in ways that are useful for customers—and earns their trust?

5. Airline customers increasingly expect more customized options and higher levels of personalization pre-flight, flight and post-flight. How will you meet these expectations? What is your partnership strategy when it comes to creating broader experiences across the entire customer journey—experiences that go beyond your brand’s core offer? 

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