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Five Questions for Automotive Brand Leaders

  1. The automotive purchase process continues to fragment and become more complex with each passing year. How are you ensuring that a consistent brand experience is delivered across this myriad of touchpoints?
  2. As the millennial generation redefines the traditional relationship people have with car ownership, how will you evolve your brand proposition to stay relevant and differentiated?
  3. With a significant proportion of your brand’s customer experience in the hands of a third party (your dealer network), how are you ensuring that the brand truly comes alive on the showroom floor?
  4. In a world where every brand interaction helps nudge a customer through the purchase process, do you know what message should be used at each touchpoint and how to measure its ROI?
  5. How much could you improve ROI if your global marketing teams were given tailor-made brand training and understood how to deploy the brand you oversee more effectively?

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