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#IBACTS for a sustainable future

Today’s world is “woke” and rising awareness has sparked a surge in global activism. Individuals, organizations, and even brands are standing up in solidarity to create meaningful, lasting changes.

This holiday, Interbrand is echoing this global call to action. Our teams are designing campaigns, inspired by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, that incite people to act on a range of pressing issues.

So in the spirit of togetherness, and moving forward into a new year, we’re rallying our friends and followers to be a force of change. Let’s take steps today to make sure tomorrow’s world is one that we can all can live and thrive in.

See how each region is inspiring action, and click the posters to see what you can do, too:

INTERBRAND COLOGNE: Free speech for a free world

Freedom isn’t free. Neither is the right to access information and communicate openly. Only when we are able to discover the truth without fear of “fake news” and express what we know can we discern the big picture.

If our voices are gagged and the truth covered up, it’s difficult to understand—let alone change—the world. The Interbrand Cologne team makes this impact felt by “censoring” topics that demand open discussion and open minds so that we can understand their relevance to society, and our futures.

Inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies, the team aligned with Reporter ohne Grenzen, the German arm of Reporters Sans Frontiers, which fights for freedom of the press and equal access to information.

Together, we can rip the tape off: Make a donation, become an member, or simply get informed. Whatever you do, you’ll be creating a better future for all, because knowledge is the power to change.

HMKM: Challenging gender tropes

Think you know Rudolph? Santa’s #1 sleigh-runner is popularly depicted as a strong male reindeer—with antlers, of course. But the HMKM team found out that male reindeer actually shed their antlers in the winter, so they’re antler-free by Christmastime. Another fun fact: of the 40 different species of deer in the world, female reindeer are the only ones with antlers—which they actually retain during the winter months.

So, surprise! Santa’s fleet is actually all female, including its red nose leader!

This hard-hitting fact struck a chord with HMKM, which was inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goal #5: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” to challenge gender perceptions. They created a series of posters and took to the streets of central London during peak Christmas shopping, to get people to look twice and think hard about how their actions and assumptions may impact true gender equality.

The campaign is affiliated with the UN Women’s ‘Step it Up for Gender Equality,’ aiming for Planet 50-50 by 2030. Visit to see how you can take us one step further towards a 50-50 world.

INTERBRAND GLOBAL MARKETING: Rise against climate change

To measure the actual impact of climate change, just look to our Deep Blue: Global sea levels were recorded at an all time high in 2014 and are expected to rise between 0.2 meters (8 inches) and 2 meters (6.6 feet) by 2100*. Destructive storms and “nuisance floods” are pushing further inland than ever, threatening urban infrastructures and economies.

This has huge global implications, as 8 of the world’s 10 largest cities are near a coast.* At current rates, US East Coast cities could flood by 2100, and in worst-case scenarios London could end up submerged.**

These facts hit home for the Interbrand Global Marketing Team (based in New York City), which wanted to tackle a truly world-wide issue. By bringing attention to rising sea levels, Interbrand is supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal #13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Instead of packing it in, Interbrand is encouraging everyone to Be the Change and check out The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World to see how even small acts can protect our collective future.

Mars is nice, but we’d like to stick around for awhile.

*  **


Interbrand Cincinnati supports the UN’s  Sustainable Development Goal #2: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.” Hunger is an issue that hits home for the team.  In Ohio’s Hamilton County, 18.5% (148,570) of people are food insecure,  including 21.1% (40,250) of the county’s children, 62% of whom belong to families that are eligible for nutrition assistance. (Source: Feeding America)

Interbrand Cincinnati wants to help move those numbers. The poster(s) are designed to have a have stopping power, with clean graphics and a clear message that comes through in bold red, white, and black. They’re both warning signs and calls to action: An empty stomach with a zero inside represents the dire need and ultimate goal to totally wipe food insecurity. The fork is our collective stake in a ground; the empty stomach a visceral message: hunger hurts, and we must act to stop it.

Partnering with Freestore foodbank, Interbrand Cincinnati is launching a non-perishable food drive. All canned donations will be assembled into a sculpture that we design, build, and transform into a physical poster before they head to the homes of the county’s hungry. By turning something heart wrenching into something beautiful and meaningful, Interbrand is sending a message about what we can all do to create change. Learn more and donate at

INTERBRAND PARIS: Save our family of trees

Why use more paper to talk about saving trees? Humans, the forest has a message for you!

If trees could talk, they’d warn us against rapid deforestation—13 million hectares are being lost every year due to climate change and human action. This means the 1.6 billion people who count on forests for their livelihood are in trouble, and 80 percent of all terrestrial species in the world who call the forest their home are threatened.

Interbrand Paris is helping us see the forest through the trees’ message, in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal #15: Sustainably manage forests, and combat desertification. The trees have their own way of communicating, through these fallen leaves that carrying an urgent an S.O.S. across the globe: “Help us to survive today, and save our family of trees.”

Nature needs a hero. Join those heeding the call and find at what you can do at

INTERBRAND SINGAPORE: Supporting a “City for All”

There’s a large population of Bangladeshi itinerant workers in Singapore, who come for construction and engineering jobs. While these workers often struggle, they’re still more fortunate than the 25% of Bangladeshis who live in poverty back home.

The country’s geography is one of the root causes of poverty—the rural poor live in areas prone to floods that cause damage to their crops, homes, and livelihoods. Those that seek refuge in urban areas often find water and sanitation sorely lacking, along with poor political representation.

In the next 20 years, Bangladesh will be predominantly urban, so there is an urgent need to act now. The UN helps governments work with the poor to find solutions and improve conditions in slums. It also helps these communities organize and advocate their needs to local governments.

Interbrand Singapore supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”  Help create a “City for All” by visiting

INTERBRAND MILAN: Support sustainable education for all

Ensuring inclusive and quality education is key for personal and economic growth. Educational systems in communities affected by social and cultural deprivation are often inadequate to provide “twenty-first-century skills” like critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy needed to drive innovation and growth.

The Moleskine Foundation is committed to providing youth with unconventional educational tools and experiences that help foster those skills and contribute to producing positive change in society and driving our collective future.

Interbrand Milan is endorsing Moleskine Foundation in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Be part of the change. To help secure Quality Education opportunities for the underserved youth, and the sustainable growth of our economies, visit

INTERBRAND MADRID: Fight fire with fire

This is no picnic.
This is panic.

Interbrand Madrid is concerned with the deluge of destructive forest fires that have swept the globe, so the team designed a campaign to illustrate just how widespread the problem is.

Lives and property are being destroyed, along with the homes of indigenous populations and vast natural habitats, upsetting the balance of our entire ecosystem. It’s only a matter of time before the world as we know it is consumed.

Interbrand Madrid promotes the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #15:”Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss.” They took to the streets with three different posters highlighting the exact numbers of hectares burned per hour, per day in three different countries.

The idea is to ignite action: to get individuals to be more conscious and authorities to invest in preparedness of systems and people to fight these deadly blazes. And actions are contagious—we can fight these fires with equal fervor. Find out what you can do by visiting



The state of our oceans is an issue that’s close to the hearts of those on our Tokyo team. The temperature, chemistry, currents, and ocean life are part of what make the planet habitable for all its creatures.

The UN launched a #SaveOurOcean campaign during this year’s Ocean Conference, which supports the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal #14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resourcesThe conference resulted in a clear global call to action, rallying leaders and heads of state to commit to change. It also established a registry of nearly 1,400 voluntary commitments to advancing the goals of SDG14.

Tokyo’s posters bring to light the upheaval happening beneath our oceans’ surface. Help #SaveOurOcean by joining a Community of Ocean Action or Registering a Voluntary Commitment today.

INTERBRAND SAO PAULO: Strike out illiteracy

It’s almost 2018, and illiteracy still is a reality for more than 758 million people around the world. This is a huge social problem as illiterate people are excluded from society, but it also presents a huge challenge to the growth and development of a nation.

Empathy is crucial to solving any social problem. Interbrand Sao Paulo is putting everyone in the place of an illiterate person to illustrate how alienating it can be. Think about how it would feel if  the messages around you were all indiscernible. Or what about if you couldn’t sign your own name?

Illiteracy is a barrier to social inclusion that causes rifts in our society and gaps in our collective progress. This is why São Paulo supports UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Knowledge is power. Join us, Be the Change.

INTERBRAND MEXICO: Reduce waste to protect water


After watching the revealing documentary H20mx, Interbrand Mexico chose to focus on UN Sustainable Development Goal #6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. The documentary exposes the water crisis in Mexico City, which was founded on a lake that is drying up fast. If consumption is not altered, there will be no water left by 2030.

While brainstorming, the team was shocked to learn from The Water Footprint Network just how much water is spent in the production of paper…which gets used a lot around the office. So they decided that change could start right in their own workplace. The poster was created from recycled paper stock and projected in the office, inspiring colleagues to check their printing habits.

Visit to see how you can take action in your everyday, help your organization reduce its water footprint, or join the movement by becoming an active supporter.

INTERBRAND TORONTO: Achieve equality of quality life

Interbrand Toronto #IBACTS Holiday Campaign 2017

Quality of life scores in Canada rival that of any other country in the world. But they don’t reflect the experience of many Indigenous Peoples in Canada. While this inequality is being addressed, progress is unacceptably slow and further action is needed.

Interbrand Canada supports UN Sustainability Goal #3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, because well-being should be a right, not a privilege.

We can’t save the world together if we can’t secure the health and happiness of our own communities. So the Toronto team is inciting action to support sustainable living at home.

This posters is a call to all Canadians: Let your Members of Parliament now how you feel about inequality, and take action to fix it today. Find your local MP’s contact at

INTERBRAND LONDON: Solve for quality youth education

IBACTS London Interbrand Holiday Campaign 2017

These are facts that most of us can access. But here’s another: The number of young people worldwide who lack basic tools and education and is 102,977,789 and rising.

Interbrand London is taking action to address UN Sustainability Goal #4: “Ensure inclusive and quality education,” by presenting a small challenge that reveals the need for big solution. This puzzle prompts people to draw on general knowledge to reveal the staggering number of young people left out of the equation when it comes to basic opportunity.

Providing youth with a sustainable education supports a better future for our world. Education Above All has launched its Educate a Child initiative in partnership with over 42 countries, with goal of providing access to quality education for at least 10 million children worldwide. Sponsor a child by giving as little or as much as you like at!/donate.

INTERBRAND SEOUL: Breaking the cycle of waste

The cellphone industry has become one of the fastest-growing enterprises in South Korea. New and improved models result in a yearly upgrade cycle that has rapidly increased the amount of e-waste in the country.

If these phones  themselves could talk, they might let you know how they feel about being tossed aside. When fully-functioning phones are treated as trash, they release hazardous chemicals into the environment that can affect human health and our ecosystems.

With this message, Interbrand Seoul supports UN Sustainable Development Goal #12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. It urges us all to consider the impact of our actions,  take initiative to change them, and reverse the damage that’s already been done.

Green Korea United is dedicated to combating the costs of human “progress” on the natural world. Help secure a more sustainable future for all the world’s inhabitants by visiting

INTERBRAND MUMBAI: Spread the light of literacy


About 800 million illiterate people in the modern world still live in a dark age. Not being able to read or write puts individuals at a dire disadvantage in our competitive world and excludes them from many of the advantages human advancement.

India is among the most illiterate countries in the world, with 287 million illiterate adults representing 37 percent of the global total. Many are being forced to lead compromised lives because they lack access to proper education. But there is hope—which is why Interbrand Mumbai supports UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Educate a Child stops illiteracy where it starts by working within communities to put children through school, giving them a chance in the world that they would have been denied. Programs like these need our support. Interbrand Mumbai calls us each to dispel the darkness of illiteracy by spreading the light of education. See what you can do at


Follow #IBACTS on social for more photos and videos from our activations. And do your part by donating to the cause that moves you, joining an organization, or simply sharing our initiative.

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