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Interbrand São Paulo introduces 2016’s Best Brazilian Brands

Serendipity refers to fortunate discoveries made apparent by chance. Nowadays, the word also embraces the meaning of a special form of creativity that allies perseverance, intelligence, and an acute sense of observation.

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Amid the turbulent political scenario and the slow pace of the Brazilian economy, there is no term more adequate than serendipity to describe the brands listed in this ranking. Brands that, despite being submerged in the country’s worst crisis in the past decades, see great opportunities to strengthen the bond with their consumers and to gain even more value.

2016’s rankings bring us great variations in brand values, with two-digit growths and reductions throughout many different categories. At the same time, the portfolio’s total value has increased considerably: 5.4% greater than last year, totaling nearly 110 billion Brazilian Reais.

This year’s great winners have a lot in common and may be divided into two groups: brands that reached beyond their original markets, and brands that took this moment to review their strategies and take a look on the inside.

The first group is made up of brands that chose to expand—whether in Brazil, in Latin America, or around the world—to new segments, focusing on corporate or high-income audiences. This way, they dodge consumption reduction. These brands looked at new channels in an integrated manner and used digital tools in their favor. They also considered new products, line extensions, innovations and solutions that would add greater value.

Meanwhile, other brands took the chance to understand who they really are and put themselves in order. They knew it was time to cut spending and invest in operational and logistic efficiency. This also meant rethinking their positioning and defining a genuine purpose. To do so, they sought to understand their consumers on a deeper level and showed themselves open to co-creation, nurturing customer loyalty.

Renner, Havaianas, Ipiranga, Bradesco, and Cielo are examples of brands that placed the client at the center of their strategies, promoting dialogue and incredible experiences.

Itaú leads the ranking (once again) and shows all of us the power behind a consistently built purpose, in tune with the company’s culture and the brand’s attitudes.

On the other hand, many cases have shown us that the economic conditions and slowing rate of consumption have been tremendous barriers for brand value growth.

Brands that aren’t quick on their feet to understand the new dynamics, challenges, and opportunities of the market will forfeit their chance to build strategies capable of surpassing barriers created by ever-growing competition. As a result, they lose. Especially in a moment when wallets are lean and people are more careful with their income.

This year’s ranking teaches us an important lesson: more than ever, building a brand has to do with resilience. Understanding the status quo is no longer enough. You must be willing to challenge and change it. Always.

See the full list here: Best Brazilian Brands 2016


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