Naming as brand therapy

The rigorous process of Naming means getting to the heart of your business, its challenges, and all its accomplishments. It means open conversation— with us and to one another—and deep consideration of your road ahead.

Ultimately, that road often leads to unexpected—but welcome—discovery.

Naming is a path towards increased clarity and growth—it’s an inherently therapeutic process.

Getting to the bottom of things

Bringing an impartial observer into your midst means questioning things you thought were written in stone—it means approaching old habits with new techniques. The naming process is fundamentally a deep-rooted analysis of your business strategy, and sometimes that will mean investigating assumptions you’ve made about your company’s place in the world.

Allowing your team—and yourself—room to question can result in a not only a better name, but a better business.

A name signals your company’s future, its past, its hopes and its goals—and if that isn’t worth the deep reflection and hard work, what is?

You have to understand each other

 This isn’t private session—no, you’re all in this together.

As a group, our clients are in the room to represent one shared interest; however, every individual enters the room with his or her own unique perspective. Each personality brings a set of needs, habits, and ways of communicating. That means someone needs to be there to listen, facilitate meaningful discussion, and connect all the dots. There’s more to Naming than meets the eye.

There are often similar nuances at play—the CMO who isn’t even in the room, but everyone tries to anticipate what he or she will love or hate. The colleague who’s waiting for a name that simply “speaks” to them. And the quintessential devil’s advocate.

These are just a sampling of the personalities you’ll encounter when deciding something as important as the name of your company or a product that’s about to reinvent your entire industry. Prepare for them, anticipate them—and work with them. Understanding the motives, worries, and expectations of your colleagues in the room will not only make the naming process less painful, but it will be more rewarding in the end.

Uncovering hidden truths

In the middle of this creative and strategic process, you’ll find yourself delving deep into the heart of the company’s purpose. Armed with new data and equipped with an open mind, you might discover new things about what your company (or product) means to the world.

That in turn can guide you to naming territories you never imagined—when your name is your story in its shortest form, it’s vital that your story represents your truth.

Resolving issues

It isn’t unusual to hit a point where consensus feels like a dream just out of reach. In the end, a final decision has to be made, and it almost always comes down to one person. But understanding how and where and why others disagreed along the way is crucial to your next task: embedding your new name throughout the business.

A unified decision may not come easily, or at all. But to be honest, unanimity doesn’t even matter that much. What does matter is taking what you’ve heard and debated, and using it to craft the story that will address the concerns at the heart of your brand and set your name up for success. The best name stories can act as a subtle answer to unsubtle doubts.

Naming involves rigor, but it also needs heart, understanding, and an open mind toward discovery. In other words, it’s true therapy.

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