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NBCUniversal at CES 2015

NBCUniversal: Harnessing the power of content, distribution and technology to create experiences that matter

Do you consider yourself someone who craves in-the-moment programming and prioritizes your schedule to catch your favorite show live? Or do you dictate your own TV schedule to catch programming on your own terms?

Last week at CESNBCUniversal partnered with Interbrand New York and Cousins & Sears to create a dynamic, immersive activation space to help its consumers answer such questions. By combining data, insights and buzz worthy programming, NBCUniversal succeeded in uncovering unexpected connections in the ways people consume and engage with its content.

The activation was brought to life through interactive data visualizations. Users were taken through a responsive and quick NBCUniversal quiz (à la Buzzfeed) to identify exactly what kind of a viewer (or “inner viewer,” as NBCUniversal calls it) they are. Based on a recent segmentation analysis, seven “inner viewers” were created to represent various media consumption preferences and habits.

As users were taken through the quiz, their own “NBCUniversal Universe” began to populate with networks and programming specific to their preferences. And once their “inner viewer” was revealed, users were able to take a deeper dive into each of the networks that viewers similar to them engage with to see video content previews and recent social conversations in the Twitter-sphere. The proximity between programs and networks reflected a relationship derived from a combination of social and demographic data.

Why was this initiative a success at CES?

• The crowd was media-savvy and very up-to-speed on the latest trends in media and advertising. When their “inner viewer” was determined, they were impressed by the accuracy and by how well NBCUniversal understands its audiences.

• The booth was the only one in the space that used an interactive activation to communicate the organization’s vision and positioning.

• Initially, NBCUniversal thought that it would have only 200 or so visitors throughout the three days of CES, but, in the end, over 1,000 people took the quiz to explore the NBCUniversal universe.

• Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common “inner viewer” at CES was one that NBCUniversal refers to as “Brain Spark,” or a viewer who likes to learn while engaging with content. Another common “inner viewer” was one that NBCUniversal refers to as “Remote Commander,” or someone who mainly watches time-shifted and/or online only content.

NBCUniversal is bringing content, distribution and technology to create experiences that matter, shift perspectives and change the media landscape.

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