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Questions and “Must Sees” for Retail & Apparel Leaders

Interbrand has posed thought-provoking questions below for all retail & apparel brand leaders to ask themselves in the months ahead. We have also provided a list of "must sees"—or 10 inspiring retail experiences—that we feel are worth noting.

1.  In the world of retail and apparel, competition is fierce, customers are fickle, and business models are evolving. Are you clear on the role your brand plays in your customers’ lives and its contribution to your business and people? Are you ready to fully maximize its potential?

2.  With pressure to grow market share and extend into new geographies, how do you manage your customer experience and prioritize what counts? How do you ensure the retail or apparel brand you oversee has a great impact while bringing differentiation and consistency across each of its touchpoints?

3.  Demographic shifts are coming fast and strong. The so-called ‘ageing society’ requires specific product, service and experience that surprise, engage, and delight. Furthermore, the Gen Y/Millenials have truly arrived and need the “phygital” door opened for them. Are you prepared and ready to anticipate their needs and demonstrate how reactive your retail or apparel brand really is?

4.  In a noisy, fast and increasingly polluted world, what are you doing to restore your customers well-being, and also to ensure they think of you in a positive light to increase your relevance?

5.  A 5-year plan needs to derive from an evolving 100-year vision—a vision everyone in the business can completely embrace. Is there enough clarity and a strong proposition for your brand to survive long after you have gone?

Interbrand considers these 10 retail locations, or retail experiences, “must sees” as of April 2015:

–  Selfridges (London)

–  Dover Street Market (London/NY)

–  Droog Hotel (Amsterdam)

– Showroom (London)

–  Heydar Aliyev Int. Airport (Azerbijan)

–  Fiii Fun House Cafe (Buenos Aires)

–  Bikini Berlin (Berlin)

–  K11 Art Mall (Hong Long)

–  Takeo Kikuchi (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

–  Warby Parker Flagship (New York)

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