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Rebecca Robins talks brands in crisis and fashion with WWD

Our very own Global Chief Culture and Learning Officer, and luxury expert, Rebecca Robins was quoted in not one but two WWD articles this month. In the first, titled “Dolce & Gabbana: Assessing the Fallout”, Robins talks to the wider implications and imperative for real action.

“We’re holding brands to account more than ever before. A responsible business is not a ‘nice to have’ and how brands behave and act is crucial,” Robins cautioned.

Good crisis management necessitates a quick and bold response, she said. “Look at what Starbucks did when they had the issue about racism in one of their stores,” Robins said. “They decided to close all of their stores for an entire day and invest in training. When things go wrong the answer is always how do the brands respond and react? Are they taking a bold decision, are they taking bold action? How quickly does that show up? Is it deep and meaningful?”

In an WWD from earlier this month, titled “Back to the Future: Brands Bank on Old Favorites for a New Crop of Shoppers”, Robins discusses why brands like Prada, Fendi, Versace, Dior and Marc Jacob are revitalizing their iconic bestsellers.

“Whether these brands are 20 years old or 200 years old, there is something in the luxury of time and the notion of icons being built over time through reissue and constant reinvention. For Millennials, the appeal [in purchasing] lies in being part of the footfall of history. There are stories, there’s a sense of being connected to other generations.”

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