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Why Domain Extensions Matter for Online Success

Defining a name online is an investment in time and money for any business, and rightfully so. It’s a key digital representation of your brand, and it needs to be powerful enough to break through the countless marketing messages targeting consumers every day.,, . . . these are all prime examples of great online brands. The fact that these names are distinctive, roll off the tongue, and are easy to remember has helped to establish them as the internet giants they are today. But, as you can see, there is something else they share in common: .com.

While the importance of selecting the right domain name for your web address is well known, the domain extension (what comes after the dot) is usually an afterthought. However, two things have made domain extensions a relevant topic again: .COM celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, and the recent introduction of new domain extensions (new gTLDs). Considering the impressive longevity of .com, as well as the untapped potential of new extensions, it does beg the question:

Can the right—or wrong—domain extension impact your brand’s online success?

As it turns out, it probably does. The results of Interbrand’s U.S. study indicate that the right domain extension may be just as important as the right domain name when it comes to branding a memorable and effective web address. A few of the highlights from Interbrand’s study are outlined in the infographic shown below.

Dot Com Poster

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